What you need to know about Bears Ears

  • Would a monument designation actually help to protect Bears Ears? The facts say no.
  • Representative Bishop’s staffer says the push for Bears Ears monument is ‘dishonest’
  • The first casualty of war is truth.
  • Six myths about the Bears Ears are floating around. Check out this article so you don’t fall into the misinformation trap.
  • The federal government should take care of our existing national parks before acquiring more land. Get the facts.
  • The Bears Ears area is sacred to the local Navajo people. Here’s why!
  • Will the promises made to the locals be kept? Look at history.

A monument designation around Bear Ears will threaten local San Juan County Navajos’ access to resources and change their way of life. These people have used and loved this land for generations, picking berries, cutting firewood, gathering herbs, hunting, and performing religious ceremonies. Join us as we stand with one voice in support of the San Juan County Navajos and all Utahns! Sign the petition.

We hope the videos below give a voice to the people of the Aneth and Oljato chapters and help preserve their traditional uses of the Bears Ears Mountain and surrounding area.

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